Intapp DealCloud recently released a suite of new product innovations built to improve efficiency at your firm through automated workflows, zero-entry capabilities, and enhanced collaboration. Learn how they can help your professionals save time, improve accuracy, and strengthen networking and business development.

1. Automatically create transcripts and gain AI-driven insights from Microsoft Teams meetings

Microsoft Outlook now provides the option to automatically capture transcripts for recorded Microsoft Teams meetings. These transcripts integrate with DealCloud so users can easily find and refer to them. Users with Intapp Assist can also use the AI tool to pull summaries of these meetings and generate follow-up content.

What problem does it solve?

Taking thorough notes during meetings can be distracting — but without them, busy professionals often forget key takeaways and action items.

By automatically transcribing meetings via Outlook and DealCloud, all meeting participants can focus on the live discussion — without worrying whether information is being correctly captured. And if anyone needs to refresh their memory, they can just look back at the transcript in DealCloud.

Busy professionals can also save time by using Intapp Assist, which provides AI-summarized insights that cover the most important takeaways from the meeting. Your teams can quickly review these summaries and take any necessary next steps.

How do I enable this feature?

DealCloud users must first enable the tool’s activity capture. Then, they can integrate the meeting transcript feature by going to the Outlook add-in settings and selecting “Include Teams Meeting Transcript Automatically.” AI insights are available exclusively for Intapp Assist users

2. Elevate networking and prospecting via LinkedIn

The DealCloud LinkedIn browser integration matches company and contact names, websites, and LinkedIn profiles to existing companies and contacts within your DealCloud solution. Newly identified contacts and companies are easily added with a match from DataCortex and Intapp Data. With these features, your users always have access to accurate data and insights while targeting relationships within LinkedIn.

What problem does it solve?

LinkedIn is often the most up-to-date source when it comes to validating a contact’s new role or company. However, it takes time and manual effort to pull all this information from LinkedIn and update the contact profiles in your own system.

With the new DealCloud LinkedIn browser integration, professionals can identify, validate, and capture company and contact information without having to toggle between LinkedIn and their own relationship management systems.

How do I enable this feature?

DealCloud users can find this browser extension in the Google Chrome web store.

3. Access more data and insights from Moody’s within DataCortex

View an expanded data set from Moody’s within DataCortex. This data includes more than 470 million global companies and 80+ company attributes such as demographics, company hierarchy, industry classification, and financial information.

What problem does it solve?

Previously, Moody’s was most applicable to M&A professionals, as companies were only available to be tagged as participants in a deal. Now, users can discover target companies and associated details directly within DealCloud.

Users can leverage this data to enhance proprietary sourcing and business development workflows. They can also use this integration to uphold data integrity by validating and enriching firmographic information from Moody’s.

How do I enable this feature?

This feature is available to DealCloud users with Moody’s enabled as a third-party data partner within DataCortex. Learn more about Moody’s.

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