The goal of LexBlog is to, first and foremost, provide readers with insightful, relevant and impactful content.

To ensure these standards are being met, each new blog submitted to LexBlog undergoes an analysis to determine if it’s fit to join the current community of  1,000+ publications and 23,000+ authors. Not every blog that applies to be syndicated is approved, as it is weighed with the following criteria in mind.

Original Authorship and Analysis

For a publication to be added to LexBlog, it needs to have an identifiable author/authors. We believe in authentic authorship and will not accept ghostwritten blogs or plagiarized content. It’s also a plus when bloggers  add their own insightful perspective rather than just reporting on facts.

Tastefulness and Refraining from Overt Self-Promotion

Blogs that consistently feature clear attempts at self-promotion or showing little taste when commenting on sensitive subjects will not be included on LexBlog. The best legal publications are created with clients and readers in mind and should reflect those values.

Written for Online Readers

Writing for the web is much different than writing in print. Content that is easily scannable and visually attractive—whether done through imagery or formatting—is more appealing than content that is not. While posts written in a more traditional print form—longer, with thick paragraphs and little to no imagery—won’t be excluded, those written with the medium in mind are preferred and more likely to be elevated. 


Engagement—the act of bringing in outside ideas and listening to the voices around you—is a crucial component of effective blogging. Blogs demonstrating this ability while also adding value and offering unique commentary are much more likely to be accepted into the community and continuously highlighted by our editors.

Subject Matter 

Blogs in the LexBlog community need to fall somewhere in the legal blogging/business development space and the content should regularly touch on those subject areas. Content outside of this realm will not be accepted to LexBlog.